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Thunderbir - latest version

Making moves

Hello all here at the home of Thunderbird!

I first I want to heartfelt thank you for you continuing efforts to evolute Thunderbird (and Firefox): Chapeau!

But I must confess that I was - for the first ever - very, very, very disappointed about the latest version of Thunderbid which I've got the day before yesterday: Fonts are now much to small, colums are much to close together, the new cloud symbol for loading new mails is obsolete and as well to small. And e.g. which sense makes the new search function?

I kindly ask the developers to return to the previous - very good version - of Thunderbird. The current one has got no (obvious) benefits and looks much more worst compared to the forerunning versions.

Thanks a lot in advance - have a good weekend!



Making moves

I agree. Gee I have used Thunderbird for years. Now my gmail accounts are not authenticating and my hotmail accounts say they can't sign in because my browser is set to not store cookies. What does my browser cookie settings have to do with my Outlook accounts within Thunderbird? And how do I fix my gmail account to make it work? Thunderbird is useless to me now without hours of troubleshooting??? Plus, the look and feel of the interface has changed. Not bad I guess but why change a good thing?


Making moves

Ditto. Trying to find virtues vs. my normal resistance to change. So far, no joy.

Making moves

I agree! Please do return to the pre-10-21-23 version! I absolutely despise the new look. Can't find any of the useful features that made me stick with Thunderbird all these past years.