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There needs to be a SIMPLE way to adjust Tab and Bookmark fonts

Making moves

Mozilla folks - The current way to adjust Tab & Bookmark font size seems to involve creating a CSS file and putting it someplace that non-technical users will have difficulty finding. Yes, I know everyone reading this is an uber-techie who dreams in a dozen different modern computer languages. But the rest of the world is full of people lacking eagle eyesight & tech chops who just want to see their Tabs & Bookmarks without squinting.

So PLEASE: Add a simple tab & bookmark font adjustment setting in about:config.  This cannot be that complicated and zillions of nearsighted people over 40 will appreciate it.


Making moves

in about:config there is the setting ui.textscalefactor One would think it would help, but setting it to 150 or 200 does nothing.


Making moves

While your suggestion for a simplified Tab and Bookmark font adjustment setting in about:config may seem like a reasonable request to improve accessibility, it's essential to consider the broader user base and maintain a balance between customization and simplicity in browser settings. Mozilla has historically aimed to provide a wide range of customization options through about:config, but also values user interface simplicity for mainstream users. An alternative approach could involve Mozilla enhancing its accessibility features and settings to cater to users with various needs without overcomplicating the interface for others. This way, they can continue to serve both technical and non-technical users effectively.