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Improved browser zoom and bookmarks browsing for Android

Making moves

1. Zoom: Part of the mandatory display of the PC side of the page view is limited by the browser to the size of the cell phone screen, can not be manipulated through two fingers to zoom or change the display area to other parts.
2. Bookmarks: The bookmarks folder on the Android side does not have enough markings to differentiate the location of bookmarks in the main directory or subdirectory, maybe you can add a positive/inverted triangle in front of the bookmarks folder and adjust the indentation distance between the main directory and the subdirectory bookmarks folder so that you need to consider the case of redirecting to show the title of the bookmark, and you can click the bookmarks folder to enter the second level of the page just as in windows(New bookmark editing feature). Bookmarks management on Android lacks buttons for batch operations such as copy and paste(Long press bookmark URL).

Translated by deepl