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The new update has completely ruined my user experience - with particular regards to subfolders

Making moves

I am dyslexic, so organisation is key to my being able to navigate an application like Thunderbird and the most recent update has completely changed how my folders are organised, my ability to see if messages have been filtered from my inboc to a subfolder and as I use multiple email accounts, whereas before each email account, inbox and primary subfolders, could be viewed without having to scroll up and down all the time, now all the folders that were below the Gmail folder are fixed hard in place with each inbox, meaning it is all a big scrolling mess.

This has really fcuked up my user experience.

Is there anyway I can default back to the old version, or a way to move all the folders I do not need to see at the folder top level?

If not, I will have to look at other application options, as I simply cannot work with what I now have.

Advice would be appreciated.




Making moves

I'll have to agree with this completely. In my case, the update ruined my user experience by ignoring my previous settings, changing the fonts and making them extremely small. I figured out how to increase the size but changing the fonts in the settings does nothing. Forcing an update and making changes without permission is unwelcome.

Making moves

I have found a way to restore "[Gmail]" folder group just like it was in pre-115. Inside omni.ja file, which is actually a zip archive, in the Thunderbird program folder, locate chrome/messenger/content/messenger/about3Pane.js script and make this change to _isGmailFolder function definition (line #2259 as of 115.3.1):

return (
return (false &&

This needs to be repeated after every TB update. If someone knows a method how to permanently override these functions from the user profile, please assist.

Making moves

I can't seem to find the script you suggest and to be honest amending scripts is a bit beyond my ability.

But thank you for finding a fix, I will keep looking for the script and see if I can make it work for me.

Thanks 🐵 

Making moves

It's ruined mine too, but for slightly different reasons:  after more than a decade of revising and extending my folder trees for three different mail accounts, I have literally hundreds of folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders and so on.  I annually move ALL my more-than-a-year-old email (except for the junk) into duplicate folder trees replicated in Local Folders that go back decades.  To service this structure I have extensive Message Filters that move messages into the right (sub-[sub-])folders for me.  Then daily I check for new messages in all the current folder trees, using the handy highlighting and numbers showing where there are unread messages...

...except now that handy highlighting doesn't work below the first level!  In order to find where in a folder tree the new messages are, I have to expand all the branches and sub-branches and....   This takes me all morning, where I used to be able to clear my email in less than an hour. 

I am totally dependent upon Thunderbird because of the above history of loyalty; using a different mail client is not an option for me.  But you have broken it!  PLEASE FIX THIS!

JHBrewer, I think you may be referring to this TB bug:
I encourage you to write a comment there to let the core developers know this is a serious issue for you.



As of today's reboot and Thunderbird update from the System76 repository, this bug appears to have been fixed.  THANK YOU!   -- Jess

Making moves

ColinRobinson73 and other gmail users, With 115 everything under [Gmail] "no-select" folder and everything under any other "no-select" folders (normally gray) will be moved to the top level and the "no-select" (grayed) folders will not appear. This is discussed at TB bug Some work-arounds are suggested and a possible fix is proposed.  You might want to enter a "vote" for that bug or leave a polite comment.