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The most ugly and uneffective, confusing layout of mozilla ever.

Making moves

What has happenend? I use moz about 20 years now. But this design is absolutely toilet. I hate it. If I hadn´t so many mails and stuff in this, i would not use it. Tell your grafic-designer he is wrong, and don´t pay him for that imposition. I don´t know what to say I just pissed of.

Why can´t it just be like it was? Why will nobody ask me as a user, if i want this? Unbelievable.


Making moves

I agree. This 115 version should have came with a warning it was totally new and bugs werent worked out. Format not appealing also. Contact list shows 2 people. I hate it also. The 102 version was perfect and did not need anything. Been using Thunderbird for 18 years.  Lots of issues if you try to go back to previous version as TB changes everything with the new download.  NOT happy but what's new.