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Mozilla sign in is really confusing as heck

Making moves

Your browser told me to create an account, I did so. Where do I even use it apart from signing in for discussions? Google services, no. What for then?

I used my gmail email to create a new mozilla account. Now i wonder shouldn't the website am visiting just sign in the way it signs into google eg google just signs me into quora without me asking.

Why doesn't mozilla firefox not just do the same since I've already created an account with them using my email?? Your browser keep disturbing me "sign in with google???" every single site I visit. What's the account I created in your browswer for??? what the heck?? Didn't i just create an account with mozilla, why do i need to sign in with google again, yet I want to use the account I registered in your browser?? it sucks!!

I don't even understand how your browser works. It has the best features like pop out player, best themes than any existing browser, but only one thing you messed up. If registering with mozilla account is useless, just let us sign in with chrome(I know it exists, but not in the way I want, bad UI), and use chrome on your browser.

If you could allow me to just sign into all my accounts directly on your platform, I'd ditch chrome. I want to see all my profiles once I click dropdown menu on your app, just like chrome.

I don't even know if this is a valid request, coz I don't even understand your browser and how it works. It's not easy to use devs. People who have used it for long, might be enjoying, but us beginners, we get confused.


Making moves

The new sign in is a pain. Where is the "stay signed in". Now everything I view on Firefox requires a sign in. Hate it.