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The firefox miniplayer does not transfer over to a window

Making moves

I am using Firefox v117.0.1 on MacOS 13.5.2 and have noticed that the mini player does not move over to a new window when I switch over to that window that does not contain Firefox. This option should be available as I have tried activating a mini-player on my Desktop without maximizing Firefox and then maximizing firefox and the mini-player remains on the main desktop.
Is it a bug or a feature not implemented?


Making moves

I have noticed that the mini player transfers over to Desktop's opened by clicking the + icon, but does not transfer over to a window containing a different application.
So, I feel that Firefox should be able to do it.
Arc is able to do it, I dunno which other browsers can do it

I have again noticed something.
If you make a split window containing 2 applications in the same window in full screen, 1 being Firefox and starting the mini player.
and then transfer over Firefox over to another window, the mini player no longer appears in the same window as Firefox but appears with the other app initially in the same window as Firefox and also the Desktops opened manually.

The mini player in a window not containing Firefox cannot be moved or resized

Making moves

I really like Firefox's mini player over arc's mini player and would've liked it better if Firefox actually transfers the mini player over to new windows not containing Firefox