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The Firefox browser should remain a browser - and not hardcode a shopping extension (FakeSpot)

Making moves

Recently, Mozilla purchased a review-scanning company FakeSpot and has started integrating it into the browser. Mozilla should stop and reverse course immediately.

  • FakeSpot collects an excessive amount of private data, and since purchasing them, Mozilla has not corrected these privacy problems.
  • Nobody asked for this. FakeSpot has not been requested by the community. Mozilla's finite time, effort, and money could be better spent fixing bugs, addressing requested changes, etc.
  • People use Firefox because they want a web browser, not a collection of opinionated add-ons. FakeSpot only works on seven different companies' websites, and it's only fully functional with Amazon.

If FakeSpot is great, people can use the extension. Or they can even use the website without installing anything. But it shouldn't be built into Firefox.

(I submitted this post to Ideas on December 2, but it hasn't been approved, so I'm posting it here to raise awareness.)