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Threaded message!!!

Making moves

Threaded message!!!
Massacre!! You've ruined my favorite e-mail browser for years. Thunderbird - why did you do it - displaying subsequent messages in hidden threads is the worst idea you could ever come up with. I run away from google whenever I can for this very reason. And what now? How do I turn this **bleep** off? HELP!

How to go back to the old version?


Making moves

I hate this threading thing also. I am old and do not need more aggravation. I have donated to this site a few times. I am shocked how unresponsive Thunderbird is to our needs. Could someone write simple directions to get rid of all threading for those of us who hate it and do not want it. I did all the suggestion I could find on the internet, and it still threads my emails. Thanks. I  will check back to see if anyone can "SAVE" us from this mess.