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The beauty of Firefox is in its simplicity

Making moves


Just wanted to comment because I’ve loved Firefox for many years, and I worry it’s headed towards something bad. There have been a lot of little changes recently that feel very “corporate tech” in a negative way. 

The design gives more options but feels cluttered. The options to personalize and pushes to increase engagement with specific browser tools feel like the same things that tech companies do as they head down a road towards company welfare and away from user experience. 

I know this post is likely to have little to no effect, but I love Firefox because it is uncluttered, simple, and safe. I use Firefox specifically because it’s not like any of the other browsers. I don’t want “a personalized web experience,” I want a browser that’s intuitive, straightforward, and protects my information. Firefox shouldn’t be an experience. It’s a tool, and the best one out there, and that should be enough. 

alright I’ll stop my old man yelling at clouds routine. Thanks for being a great browser for so many years!