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Making moves

I have lost an organized, planned system of bookmarks set up within the former Bookmark utility. It was set up as a reference resource. I've spent several hours trying to follow the instructions for this type of issue that I found online. None offered useful solutions. Either I would see something different (for example, could only try to restore my bookmarks from very recent dates, not useful since I need older Bookmarks), or the instructions were ambiguous (to me). I am not a computing expert and, as an example, wouldn't know (if I found all of my old bookmarks) how to combine old and new  Bookmark lists or how to force the new Firefox to keep bookmarks longer than one month and display the older ones as well. I would really like some assistance. Please (please) don't refer me to online support sites again. Any direct help would be appreciated, if available. Thank you !  P.S. For Christmas this year, I want the simplicity and strength of the old bookmark system back.