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Supernova feeback - TL;DR: ๐Ÿ‘Ž

Making moves

After naively hitting the "update button" on what seemed like a minor version update, I was presented with, YET AGAIN, a "new and improved" look and feel.  Meaning all my colors and fonts are now off, all the controls have been moved around and given "fresh" icons and so on.  Never mind that this clearly wasn't ready for production on several levels... but WHY???

Are T-bird devs so bored that you have to redesign the whole UI every year, or whatever it is?  Isn't that what themes are for?   Seriously... so frustrating.  And sorry, but for me I see zero improvement with the new design, and rather again steps backwards.

And I need a custom theme just to change the bloody UI font???  My eyeballs are burning from the bright white bold unread messages on a ridiculously black background in my boxes.  My calendar colors are now way too bright...  so I have to spend hours re-doing everything, again, until next time devs get bored of the look. Seems like many theme developers have gotten sick of the constant changes also.

I'm way too old for this waste of time.