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Making moves

There are some Opera tool options that still captivate me and keep me as a user of that product, even with the deficiencies and, currently, the excess of functions added with the aim of monetization, which in my opinion, leads to insecurity and invasion of the users' privacy.
To satisfy my complacency, which I found with Opera, Firefox should contain the following options:
- Sidebar with shortcuts for:
- Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc...)
- Instant messaging (Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, etc...)
- Play Music (Yotube Music, Deezer, Spotify, etc...)
These resources, working together and without polluting the work area with several open tabs, will be a step forward in terms of comfort.
Another very good option in Opera, which should be in Firefox, is when closing the last tab, instead of directing you to close the application, it redirects you to open a new tab on the home page. This minimizes accidental closures of the application, as the closure will only occur when clicking/tapping the button to close/close the window.
However, these features that I like should be included as options to enable or not, according to the usage habits of each Firefox user. (Google Translate Portuguese Brazil to English)