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Suggestions for Shortcuts on homepage alongwith some other improvement

Making moves


Here are some suggestions

Allow Shortcuts to rename alongwith URL modification currently only rename option available URL cannot modify so kindly resolve it also allow to drag these shortcuts to each other places.

Customizable toolbar: Allow users to customize the toolbar with the buttons and icons they use the most for easier access.


Better tab management: Provide a way to group tabs and switch between them easily, similar to how some other browsers do it.


More privacy options: Continue to improve the privacy features in Firefox, including blocking trackers and fingerprinting, and allowing users to easily clear their browsing history and cache.


Faster performance: Work on improving the speed and performance of Firefox, especially when it comes to page loading times and responsiveness.


Integration with other services: Offer integration with popular services like Dropbox or Google Drive to make it easier for users to access their files from within the browser.


Improved bookmark management: Enhance the bookmark management features to allow users to more easily organize and find their saved bookmarks.


Dark mode: Add a dark mode option for the browser interface to reduce eye strain and improve the user experience in low-light conditions.


Better search suggestions: Offer more relevant and accurate search suggestions to users when they start typing in the address bar.


User-friendly developer tools: Make the developer tools more user-friendly and accessible to developers of all levels.


Easy migration from other browsers: Offer an easy way for users to migrate their bookmarks, history, and settings from other browsers to Firefox.


B R Shriradhakrishnasharnam

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Shriradhakrishn

Thanks for joining Mozilla Connect and sharing these suggestions. If you wish to submit them as ideas, be sure to follow the Ideas Guidelines and submit each one individually — that way the threads are focused on a single idea and each idea gets the proper attention (from other community members and also employees at Mozilla who regularly review ideas on this site).

And remember to search first, as many of these have already been submitted. For example...

Native Tab Grouping / More Customizable Tab bar

Built-in dark mode for web contents 

Clear History and Cache Older Than a Certain Amount of Time or Date 

Implement a startup boost feature 

Firefox built-in Adblocker 

An ability to integrate productivity applications 

And more — there really are a lot of great ideas here. Take a look, vote for your favorite, add your input, and submit some new ones that have yet to posted here 🙌

Thanks for your suggestions.

B R Shriradhakrishnasharnam