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Shade of Firefox window is apparently heavier than others' on Windows 11

Making moves

  Since the first public release of Windows 11, I have noticed that the shades of the windows have become more prominent. Of course this is only the case of the apps that adopts the OS' native window framework and DWM, which I suppose include Firefox.

  However, Firefox has something unique when it comes to window's shades. As shown below, the shade of a Firefox window is clearly darker than that of Edge's. It looks almost 2.5 times as thick as the latter. Whilst all the other apps are having normal shades of their windows.

  (Same system settings, window position(snapped to top-left) and content within each window on purpose of variation control. )A snapped window of FirefoxA snapped window of FirefoxA snapped window of EdgeA snapped window of Edge

  When working with a non-full screen Firefox window under light theme, the shade is so noticeable that it distracts me sometimes. Despite visual disturbance, such a dark boarder around window also leads to eyestrain.

  Even Windows system doesn't know how to handle this shade, below is the Task-View button float preview of a desktop with a Firefox window on it.

The shade on desktop previewThe shade on desktop preview

  Am I the only one who is experiencing this? Is this a design on purpose or a random glitch? I wish to have my Firefox window's shade behave like all the other native Windows 11 windows'.

Best Regards!



Making moves

  It turned out to be a problem with Desktop Windows Manager (DWM). As far as I'm concerned on Windows 11 there are 2 kinds of window shades for both light and dark theme, with the light and heavy tints.

  What's wrong here is that some of the windows aren't respecting the color scheme and are using Dark mode shades even under Light theme, with Firefox unfortunately being one of them. The only other example I've noticed is Terminal. I up-voted a relating feedback in Feedback Hub and added some information there. Hope both Windows and Firefox may look into this problem and find out why.

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In my case is even worse. The top horizontal blue sky colored bar looks an uncomfortably very vivid cyan alike color.

Hope this can be addressed soon.