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Thunderbird Formatting Options No Longer Work Properly

Making moves

I am using Thunderbird on a Windows 10 desktop with Thunderbird ver 115.4.3 32 bit Supernova.  Recently, apparently since an update, I have found that formatting my messages is extremely difficult. 

  • When I want to create a bulleted list, like this one, I previously just hit enter at the end of a sentence to move to a new line, clicked on the bullet icon, and a bullet popped into place one line down and indented.  That no longer works.  If I try to do it, clicking on the bullet icon just backs we up to the previous line, effectively works like a backspace.  To get what I want/expect I have to hit the return, enter a space, then click the bullet icon.  That is not only a nuisance, but leaves an unwanted space between the bullet and the first letter of the first word.
  • A similar thing happens when I want to enter an emoji.  Clicking on the drop-down list and clicking on the smiley face, for example, results in no emoji and effectively enters a backspace.
  • I also find that when I come out a the bulleted list, I am now in "paragraph" instead of Body Text and in "variable width" instead of Arial where I was and want to be.
  • While I am at it, I find it very annoying that I can't select a font size by number, just larger or smaller with out any concept of how large or small that actually is.  This is not a new issue, but is, and has been very annoying.  Being able to use "Format Painter" like in MS Office products would be perfect.
  • Finally, but unrelated to formatting, I have to agree with many other posters that I find it VERY annoying that the list of messages seems to randomly jump around when moving between mailboxes.  [Sorry that is off subject.]

I hope formatting can be put back where it was.




Making moves

Yes! Old coders like me respect the first rule of GUI design: Minimize user hand motion. Because each motion is energy expense and that leads to fatigue. This is a matter of respect for the user. Now sadly lost in an age of useless extra clicks and especially swipes where clicking and swiping supposedly empower the user. Cool, eh? But not. Just wasted energy. And time.