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Selected e-mails lose focus when being displayed - what's the reasoning?

Making moves

Whenever I select an e-mail in 115.3.1, it gets highlighted in blue (in whatever that window is called, let
s call it the list view windows), then the content is loaded and displayed (in whatever that window is called, let's call it the detail view), then it gets highlighted grey (in the list view window). The latter means that the list view selection does not have the focus anymore and keyboard commands do not apply.

So what happened is that I cannot simply move through my emails (via keyboard or mouse) and delete the junk. I need to click it, wait, click it again, then press delete. Or worse, I move the cursor down, wait, erroneously scroll the e-mail content down by pressing cursor down again.

So a core behaviour changed. And there is no setting to configure it. So in my world, there must have been a ton of A/B testing before someone decided to change this. What's the reasoning here?