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Browser not reliable at FamilySearch website

Making moves

I have recently begun genealogy work at the FamilySearch website:

I consistently found that when using their family tree graphics mode, once a family tree has been established, the enlarge and decrease (+,-) functions found at the top right corner do not give the correct results.  Rather than enlarging the entire tree graphic, it only enlarges the type within each persons boxes in the tree.  The decreasing function didn't work at all other than to get me back to what I started with.  Finally, using the mouse grab and move concept, I often could not move the page after any attempts at some other graphics maneuver.  Please look at this website and address the interface problems.  I have had to resort to using Edge, which BTW,  works exactly as you would expect given the function graphics at the top right of the page.  I prefer Firefox in most cases.