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Revisit the Thunderbird Development Work Flow

Making moves

I suggest that the developers of Thunderbird shut down for a day of reflection. Version 102 had serious problems, and the developers deserve time to reflect on it now while it’s fresh in their minds, instead of working extra hours to fix bugs. I am not proposing they try to define who made mistakes; that’s defeating. My suggestion, having been in IT for 40+ years as a developer and director, is that reviewing the work flow, the steps that document the design, the steps that transfer code from phase to phase, the test cycles, the regression cycles, all the items of the work flow that did not work, or steps that would help, but are not in the work flow. I suggest this be done bottom up, not top down. Managers tend to have plans that may overlook derailing details known only to the developers. Doing this will, I believe, empower the team to embrace the process and improve it as they go.