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Protection from leaky web site forms in latest Firefox Versions?

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I was concerned to read about this research into leaky forms (data scraped by third party advertising and tracking sites without permission). I know that since FF 88, the storage has been protected, but what about the rest of the forms input tracking methods as researched below? Do any later FF versions help with these issues? I KNOW that good AD/malware blockers can be used (e.g. the very good Browser Guard by MalwareBytes), but what about sophisticated stuff that can still get through? Please review this, and if any FF staff or techies on here can provide a knowledgeable answer, please do so: 



That research mentions numerous well-known tracking domains. Well enough known that the built-in tracking protection feature should block them -- if enabled. What I mean by "if enabled" is that by default (Standard level), Tracking Content (scripts from third party sites) is only blocked in private windows, not regular windows. You can increase your protection by using either the Strict level of tracking protection or, if you prefer to adjust the individual features yourself, the Custom level, choosing to block Tracking Content "In all windows".


The shield icon will turn purple when something is blocked so you can review. And in some cases, you probably will need to make an exception, but hopefully not when you are logging in.

Hello, many thanks for this very useful reply. Sorry to use my "other" original account td47 for this reply, for some reason, I had got confused by the "odd" login methods used on here, and created the "ard1947" one (which seems to want a "reset" to get back in. I had forgotten about the "I AM" thing, that seems to work against the excellent Password Manager in FF a bit.  Anyway your post has restored my confidence in using this new forum, and that it IS reviewed and answered by good knowledgeable FF staff.

There are Mozilla staff around here, but in my case, I'm a Mozilla Support (SUMO) volunteer checking in to see what's new over here on the Connect site.

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Well, of course, the so-called malicious posted by hackers on sites steals email, logins, passwords and bank card numbers, including «naked» viruses on sites, into a brazen browser. And after the theft, malicious attacks your email with spam. Before going to sites, check them for viruses and malicious Be sure to go through the