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Mozilla Connect Weekly Recap: Top-Voted Ideas (11/18-11/25)

Hey all, Happy Friday and welcome to another Weekly Recap here in the Mozilla Connect community! This post will highlight the top 10 most-voted ideas for the previous week (11/18-11/25). While some are ‘new ideas’ and others are already ‘in review’...

Jon by Community Manager
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PDF annotations in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback!

Hello!I'm Romain from the product team. We just launched Firefox 106 that brings annotation capabilities to our pdf reader, built inside Firefox.When pdf forms are not fill-able or when some quick notes are needed on pdf documents, you can now direct...

rtestard by Employee
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Private window changes in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback!

Hi community!I'm Romain from the product team. We just launched Firefox 106 that includes significant changes to your private windows:Private Windows have always been hidden behind the hamburger menu, making them an advanced user feature. With Firefo...

rtestard by Employee
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Expectations for Mozilla Connect ...

Hi there, nice people at Mozilla and fellow Firefox users,I am excited that Mozilla further invests in dialogue with its community through this brand new platform. I look forward to sharing ideas and commenting on other ideas and discussions!FWIW, my...

BelFox by Making moves
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Self Sovereign Identity phishing alert

Hello everyone. Here at Sideos we developed a platform for Self Sovereign Identity or SSI for brevity, which makes use of JWT which are mainly converted eventually into QRCode. In general scanning a QRCode with an app, and eventually exchange informa...

Firefox - dark mode

Hi, i've been using firefox since it started and it's always been my favourite browser.  But i'm not a fan of dark-mode.  I know many love it, but is there an easy way to turn it off?  I can't find a menu item to do it and when i've googled it people...

Dallas by Making moves
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Mozilla Connect in relation to Bugzilla

I'd like to understand the relation of Connect to Bugzilla.  In the previous incarnation of a Mozilla feedback mechanism bringing up a bug met with deafening silence.  If I want to bring light to a long standing bug (if you consider 12 years long sta...

stdunbar by Making moves
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Community Vision

The Mozilla Connect Community Vision Whether you’re a longtime Firefox fan or a new user—welcome! This community is for you. Please use this space to share ideas, give [constructive] feedback, and participate in meaningful conversations so we can w...

Jon by Community Manager
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How to Submit a Great Idea in Five Easy Steps

Have an idea for a new product feature? You’re in the right place!  We want to hear from you—and hey so do lots of other users around the world.  So here’s a quick guide on How to Submit a Great Idea in Five Easy Steps, to help make sure your post ...

Jon by Community Manager
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Discussions Guidelines

Welcome to Discussions A dedicated space for community members to provide general feedback and participate in meaningful conversations that will impact future product releases.  Employees will also pop in on a regular basis to share what we’re workin...

Jon by Community Manager
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