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Mozilla Connect Weekly Recap: Top-Voted Ideas (3/24-3/31)

Hey all, Happy Friday and welcome to another Weekly Recap here in the Mozilla Connect community! This post will highlight the top 10 most-voted ideas for the previous week (3/24-3/31). While some are ‘new ideas’ and others are already ‘in review’ (...

Jon by Community Manager
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Upgrading your computer and moving your Firefox data

Hello, Connect community!Our team at Mozilla is trying to understand how we can make the transition from one computer to another easier for Firefox users who upgrade their devices. We would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. What worked for yo...

asafko by Employee
  • 21 replies
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Importing Autofill Data - Tell us what you think!

Hey everyone! I’m Justine, a Product Manager here at Mozilla, and I’m looking to get your thoughts and feelings about importing autofill data from other browsers. We'd love to understand what you're expecting and your level of comfort with these data...

Justine by Employee
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New user switching from Chrome

Hi,I've tried Firefox in the past a few times and always came back to Chrome.I wanted to give it another go, as I do every few years.So, the transition wasn't the best, here's my 5 cents:1. Starting Firefox with OS and Keeping its process running in ...

Plazmex by Making moves
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Live Chat

I've used Firefox for many years; I always use it except when I need the 'Live Chat' function on a web site; Unfortunately, 'Live Chat' doesn't work in Firefox. I wonder, is there an easy way to fix that?

Chatter by Making moves
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Address book Phone numbers are bundled together

The new version of TB no longer provides separate columns for home phone numbers and mobile numbers. This means that they can no longer be viewed in numerical order in their respective columns. I often use column ordering of numbers to quickly check ...

saving a web page image as a text file

With the latest update (103.0.1 (64-bit)). The feature to save a web page as a .txt doesn't work as it did in previous  versions. It shows save as text file but it saves it as an image. After playing awhile if you change between file types and go to ...

Set up an AOL account in Thunderbird

I created an account on AOL and I can't set up the account on ThunderbirdPassword error appears.I entered the AOL website and created an application password, but it still goes wrong.Can someone teach me a step by step to configure the account in Thu...

HardNeck by Making moves
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Thunderbird upgrade issue 102

I have noticed that  after I put my laptop (10) to sleep, when it wakes up and even though I have check for email on the server every 5 minutes  it wont get the mail.  I have to manually "get mail"  Then it is fine and goes through the 5 minute setti...

GMikea by Making moves
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