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please-return to highlighting-on-menus and square-corners on drop-down menus & context-menus

Making moves



Starting in Mozilla Firefox version 114.0, I have noticed that when you put your mouse-cursor over the " "Menu" bar", the items in the menu-bar are UNDERLINED instead-of HIGHLIGHTED. I wish there was a way to change this and make the-"Menu bar"-items go-back to being HIGHLIGHTED instead-of UNDERLINED.


--> The "attach file" thingy was taking-too-long to attach the picture-file that is a photo taken with my cellphone, of what I was talking-about, even-though the file was only 2.2 megabytes, so I have uploaded the picture temporarily to a picture-uploading website and have copy-pasted the URL in here:


ALSO: I also-noticed that the drop-down-menus--themselves are with-"rounded corners" now. I really hate that. I wish they would go-back to being "squared off" corners, which consumes much-less-space than "rounded-off corners" (because, in rounded-off corners, it's "more difficult" to "click-on" the corner, than it is to "click on" the exact corner in "squared-off" corners).


I also really-wish that Mozilla-Firefox would consult-with-us the Firefox-webbrowser users before they make subtle and/or ridiculous changes like these.

➡️ (Case in point: When they got--rid-of Firefox Tab-Groups, when actually, they were the Primogenitor of Tab-Groups, BEFORE Google or even Microsoft or even Vivaldi or even Opera ever implemented-them. Firefox has had "Tab-Groups" ever-since Firefox version 4.0. AND, TONS of people, myself included, HEAVILY-use "Tab Groups".

👉 (By my count -- according to "FoxyTabs" addon, I currently-have 7,000+ tabs currently-open in Firefox. AND i have more than 36 tab-groups currently (i had to count-them one by one, by hand), according to "Simple Tab Groups" addon (which unfortunately, is not as stable as Firefox-TabGroups/"Panorama" in Firefox-version-4.0 ☹️ 😢 )). , , ).

And, if you're going to make subtle changes like these, don't "hide them" and/or "hope we won't notice / hope we don't notice". The Firefox version-114.0 release-notes don't say ANYTHING about these User-Interface changes. Only .


PLEASE, PLEASE Firefox, give us BACK the option [and/or ability] to highlight "Menu bar"-items again when we put our mouse-cursor over it, and please give-us-BACK the ability to make the-dropdown-Menu-items "squared-off corners" again.




Making moves

Is there an option in the CSS for the old style drop-down menus with squared-off corners?
Will downgrading to 112 bring these back?


i have no opinion but i opinion that we should try to spread-the-word about what this "new update" to Mozilla-Firefox (ie. the update to version 114) caused. so more-people know.

Making moves

For that matter, is there a way to mix and match Firefox source code so that I can compile a version with the GUI I want, but still incorporate the latest engine?

good question. <"thinking" emoji / "deep in thought" emoji>.