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V115 Thoughts

Making moves

ThunderBird v115 vs v102

I have been w/ you folks since the days of Netscape ! I prefer the Layout/Format of Thunderbird v102 over the newer v115 like many have indicated...

Some suggestions:
#1 Major attention needs to be made to consider ability to edit highlighting (Color, Intensity & Duration) of email Subject column when selected... When I click on the email content the highlighting disappears and then I must search to find again... This really is annoying when I plane to Reply, Forward and especially to Delete... This a deal breaker for me - Sorry...

#2 Editing parameters suggestions in V115... (View / ToolBar / ToolBar Layout) Some thoughts re editing tools... OutLining ability of each toolbar menu subject for example to 'Print' and especially "Delete" w/ an outline around this command... Also, Variable distancing between commands would be nice...

Thanks to you all for a great program...