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Please don't promt for update every time the firefox starts because my system update handles that

Making moves

I know Firefox wants to prevent security breach and protect my privacy but please offer me an option to turn off the update check. Update of all the apps in the system are handled by system update and my system always falls behind the latest releases a bit, maybe for compatibility tests, so I endlessly get update prompts from Firefox telling me that an update is available. In Firefox settings, there seems to be only two options: "automatically install updates" and "let me decide", no "never check for updates". This is Windows style and drives me crazy.


Familiar face

I'm still looking for an answer. The older version allowed the user to turn off updates. There is a way, but no one is sharing that information. I am not that good at programming, however I will be looking for that illusive code by comparing the old version with the newer version. There has got to be a way to change that one line of code back to how it used to be originally.