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Password Gorilla

Making moves

I use Password Gorilla for my password wallet.  Simply select the desired entry in the wallet and ctl-p to put the selected password on the past-board then click the password field on the web site and ctl-v.  It usually works great but but every now and then ctl-v fails to past.  It may not be a Firefox thing but it's most annoying with a 14 character computer generated password.  Any ideas other than using 1234 as a password?


Making moves

There's an extension that may help:**bleep**-with-paste/

This attempts to combat websites that hijack Ctrl-V to prevent you pasting.  (Some websites seem to do this with password fields, due to some very misguided security thinking.)

However, I did find the extension interfered with some other sites, so I have it disabled by default.

Alternatively (I haven't tried it personally), you can set site permissions so as to prevent overriding of your keyboard shortcuts:


Making moves

Looks like the URL to the extension got mangled.  This might work instead: