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No longer able to log into Charles Schawb from my Firefox browser.

Making moves

I am no longer able to log into Charles Schawb using Firefox.  I can log into site using other browsers.  Recent update (yesterday) seems to have something wrong.  Schawb IT also reporting log in trouble only from Firefox users.


Familiar face

Hi, is there an error? What is it?

Invalid login ID or password.  When using Any other browser, login is fine.  Oddest thing Ive ever seen.  Cleared cache, reset settings, cleared cookies, everything.  Shawb IT support said they are getting a lot of calls on this as well.

Familiar face

I have a similar thing happen on mobile, and only on mobile, when trying to login to a specific site, (so far the only site) but it doesn't give any errors, it just boots me out to the main page. I am using the beta version, when i was using the release version it didn't happen. Maybe it can be considered a bug. I have to try messing around with settings, cookies and the like, to see if the behaviour changes. If i was having the issue on desktop, at least i could use dev tools, but on mobile it's much harder.

Nevermind that, in the newest beta 123.0b1 i can login again.