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No advertisments

Making moves

If Firefox continues to try and shove advertisements into updates (or elsewhere) then I will stop using it.


Making moves

It's not like it hurts so much, and it helps to keep the project alive. I'd rather see the occasionally great ad and support a project that protects its users than using the alternatives that shove you with ads all day long and sell your data.

Making moves

Yeah I agree, I would rather Firefox ask for donations or something if they are so strapped for cash. This move was embarrassing for Firefox. Considering switching to LibreWolf.

Not applicable

Really why would i donate they are filthy rich and have loads of money

They are absolute not poor or needy at all

It pure greed nothing else

Making moves

Obviously, Firefox is making money on paid advertising from Google and Amazon.  When one clicks on a link at the top of the page, the option to search with these two providers via their hyperlinks is at the very top of the options.  I NEVER use either of these search engines, so I know it isn't because I've used them in the past.  It's simply because Google and Amazon are paying Firefox a fee to pop those hyperlinks to the very top - even though they are totally irrelevant to what I'm looking for.