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Do some advertising, please

Making moves

With revenues in the hundreds of millions, almost all from the gravy train of google search being the default search engine...please, do some advertising. That gravy train isn't likely to continue all that much longer - not if the user share continues to slip down into the noise compared to chromium-based browsers and Safari.

You don't have to do something silly (and a year off) like a Superbowl commercial. Just some solid ads that describe the benefits and features of Firefox. Heck, make TikTok ads, that could wake some youngsters up to the mere existence of something other than Safari or Chrome, and they might consider it cool that there's something different out there from the default.

I just discovered - unpleasantly, due to power outages - that Pacific Gas & Electric, you know, the utility that powers most of your offices and developers here in silicon valley - no longer supports FF. Only Safari and Chrome. You can still make your way around, but you're faced with constant nags to use a supported browser, and eventually that will become something worse than nags.

FF is dying.

Do not go gentle into that good night.


Making moves

@mozillapaulo---I got that "unsupported browser" thing from this morning too!  I really resent being herded into using Chrome (NEVER IN THIS LIFETIME!!!!) or Edge on my PC. 
I've had the same problem at, where I actually had to switch over to Edge to get any functionality at all.  At least PGE still lets you limp around using Firefox.

I echo your concerns and your call for Mozilla to get themselves out there and do what it takes to stay alive!!

Making moves

Worth keeping in mind that even with the Chrome browser's 8000lb-gorilla market share, you can still use chromium-based non-google browsers almost always as your go-to when FF isn't supported. I have Opera and Vivaldi installed, and they work fine for the majority of sites that flip the bird at FF. Only in very rare cases am I forced to use Chrome. I recently needed to log in to my account, and had to use Chrome.

On the other hand, I keep many dozens of sites open in Opera all the time without issue. But Opera will consume gobs of memory if you open too many tabs at once. I have 320 tabs open in Firefox right now, and most of the time it's like that - barely wakes my PC from a snooze. If Opera gets to more than maybe 50 tabs open, it starts glitching, chewing up ram, and crashing.

Come on Mozilla. The only way FF survives is if you increase the eyeballs that use it. You get eyeballs on FF by advertising, because most people simply follow the path of least resistance. If they don't know about FF, they aren't going to use it. And most people just don't use it.


Making moves

Another one bites the dust - The Washington Post. In FF, you see the opening photo and first paragraph. Then, just nothing. It led me to believe that WAPO was just posting really short articles (I don't visit them often). Nope. Open in Opera, poof, there's the full article.

With the tiny market share FF currently holds, I can see this becoming more and more common. Why bother supporting a browser that only three out of a hundred of your visitors use?