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MozillaVPN -- No notifications when disabled

Making moves

Hi! So recently I discovered that while MozillaVPN is running on Ubuntu (22.04.3 LTS) and you lose connection, you are not being notified by the MozillaVPN window. No prompts, no messages. So what happends is you THINK you are browsing the web securely only to realise, it's been offline the past 3 hours (or so..)

Maybe that could be added in a future release? An [x]Option to enable if you want?

Moz://a is Simplicity and Security, diveded into π (Pi). : )


Thanks for the idea! We are actually in the midst of revamping how we handle network connectivity issues, both when attempting to connect, and when the connection has been successfully established but gets interrupted for some reason. We plan to have messaging that is both more visible (an OS notification will be shot) and actionable (we will improve our ability to diagnose the issue and suggest to you what to do).

Having said that -- the VPN in it's current state shouldn't be disconnecting on it's own on Ubuntu. If connectivity to the VPN server is lost, you should remain 'connected' to the VPN server, but the system tray icon should update to show a red dot, and you'd probably notice because you wouldn't have any internet connectivity.

So what I suspect happened here is a good ol' crash, rather than an intended behavior. I realize this is a bit old now, but if it happens again, would you mind please reaching out to Support and including the logs? (Settings -> Get Help ->  View Logs). This could shed light on the potential reason for the crash.


Wow! An actual Mozilla Employee took the time to reply to my post. Feels cool!

You'r probably very right about the crash, it has happend a few times now over the past month or so.
Im really anticipating the new update(s)! And I will for sure contact the VPN-Support if it gets too much out of hand! Again, this shows Moz://a actually really cares! Thank you!

Moz://a is Simplicity and Security, diveded into π (Pi). : )