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Bitwarden extension no longer fully functional under security options in Settings

Making moves

Hi everyone. I have used Firefox regularly for many years. My number one choice browser. Have used Bitwarden Password manager for last two years with no problems. Recently I have noticed that the Settings/Security/Vault timeout function has failed to work? (...the user choice under settings of immediate timeout; 1 minute; 2 minutes,etc.) I have deleted the extension and reloaded it with no resolution. I have checked this with my other incidental browsers (Safari and Chrome) and Bitwarden continues to work perfectly with their Bitwarden extensions.

I like this setting as it gives me peace of mind when I leave my desktop (iMac running Catalina on a 2013 intel chip) unexpectedly, or forgetfully, in blocking my passwords from any malicious person!

Any support would be most welcome.


Making moves

(replying to my own post!  Its fixed...latest update to Bitwarden and the functionality has returned fully. Can once again select from the drop down to log off at my choice of interval.)