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mozila lost popularity

Making moves

I have been using Mozilla for years, but now I am not interested in using Mozilla because it has an annoying user interface. You can add many features to the program and regain your popularity. I can solve some of Mozilla's problems for you. I hope that with Solving these problems, I can use Mozilla again:
1. When you enter a password in the password management section, it asks you this question every time you run the program, and it is very annoying.
2. You did not design a standard and beautiful theme for the program, you can change your program according to other browsers
3. Add a download manager to the app
4. You can give the program itself the ability to set a password so that it is private and no one can add from the program
5. We can put a password for the settings and history section


Familiar face

I simply do not understand some of the points you made,

#2 There are themes, and i don't find the interface to be substantially different from other browsers. Check the addons page for themes, there are many to choose from.

#3 What else do you expect the browser to do with the downloads window?

#4 set a password to browse?

#5 why? If you're affraid someone sees your history you can delete it at the end of every session.

1# i said it can be a feature .

2# i know you can search for themes but this themes look windows XP themes

3#set password is important for security everyone know how delete history