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Thank you team at Mozilla!

Making moves

Thank you firefox team! You have been an excellent company and I love your product. I will continue to use firefox for a long time and I hope other will too.





Making moves

My sentiments exactly, Thedudedave, especially for those on the ESR channel!

Firefox is the best browser for my macOS 13 on an antique iMac (despite Apple's pressure to upgrade, upgrade!). One hitch, though...attempting to down the .dmg file for the latest FFesr on an android phone, I typed in the Firefox ESR address. Chrome immediately wiped it out and took me to the Google Play Store instead. And then did it again!

I've put Firefox on my phone now. (Who does Google think it is? Owner of the internet?) All I need to do now is work out how to transfer files from an android phone to an iMac...