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'Mark' button no longer functions as a button - change it back!

Making moves

Since the latest major update to Thunderbird, the 'Mark' button no longer functions as a button - it just brings up the dropdown menu. It used to do both; pressing the button would 'mark' the selected email (equivalent to the M keyboard shortcut), while you could also click to the side to get the dropdown menu. It's a minor change, but it's annoying: it means one now has to click twice to mark an email unread/read, rather than just once. This mounts up when you do it a lot. Please change it back to the previous functionality!


Making moves

I completely agree.  I've just had Thunderbird updated this morning and the MARK button was very handy as a one hit button.  Not so handy now....  Please roll it back Mozilla.

I too agree! I used the single-click MARK button to "mark as read" and "mark as unread" any email quickly as needed.

The previous release of Thunderbird behaved that way. MS Outlook behaves that way. Apple Mail on Mac behaves that way. (Yes I have to use all 3 email clients on both PC and Mac for my jobs, and it's a PITA when one is not standard like the others -- or has been standard until this latest Thunderbird release.)

Now it's actually 3 action sequences:

1) click the Mark button to expose the drop-down menu
2) move my mouse cursor to the option I need to use
3) then click the actual option I need to use

This Thunderbird release has changed what has been a standard paradigm and upset a user habit pattern and expectation that has been around for literally years!

As the OP said: "This mounts up when you do it a lot. Please change it back to the previous functionality!"

Agree 100%!

Making moves

Agree 100%.

Very annoying change that I'm sure nobody asked for.

Making moves

I agree.  I'd like it to act as a toggle - If the message is read the "Mark" button would mark it as read.  If the message is not read then the "Mark" button would mark it as read.  Or have additional buttons for these individual actions.




Re-implement spin button for Mark button in unified toolbar

Making moves

There was absolutely no reason to remove the one-click toggle functionality. The old button also worked the way the new one does (drop-down menu) if you clicked the down arrow on the right side of the button, but as a one-click toggle on the rest of the button. They didn't add anything useful, but just removed a convenience feature. 

There is still a way to toggle Read status in one click. You can click the little round ball in the Read Status column. Works like the old Mark button but IMO is a but harder to use on a small screen because the icon is so tiny instead of a big fat button. I also became accustomed to using the button so I still click it out of habbit and get the annoying menu.

That's just a workaround though because, unlike the old Mark button or the M key, it doesn't work on multiple messsages, so requires a lot more clicks.

Making moves

Does anyone have a viable update on this problem?