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Clean/Reset uread message in folder pane after messages reading

Making moves

Good morning, I'm french user of Thunderbird 115.

In the folders panel I display

  1. Unread folders
  2. Unified files
  3. Labels

When I receive new "unread" messages the folders which contain them appear correctly in the corresponding part. But once the messages are read, the folders remain displayed in "unread messages".

Is there a way to clean/reset the display and return to an empty area (no more folders with messages having been read)?

For the moment I reset using the compact view function but I am not sure that this function is used for that and in any case it is not practical as it stands.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


Making moves

yes you can click "view"/"unread" and the list gets updated.
IMO this should/could be automated.