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Make a Self-Hosted (users host it on their own servers) Mozilla E-mail App for Websites

Making moves

Your e-mail client appears to be an ideal resource for e-mail handling. It’s free, (open source?), private, secure, feature rich, streamlined, and (of course) it’s Mozilla. I would like to utilize this with my website and to eventually roll out the app version to my team. I’m hoping to define rules to automate moving e-mails to specific folders and to automate flagging/painting specific e-mails, notes, tasks, and calendar events. I suppose that it’s always easier to ask for things/stuff, but I hope that all of this makes enough sense to you that you were already working on plans for such a development/project. Perhaps GitHub’s resources could ease the burden. Who knows, perhaps you will add appointment setting and VoIP hosting to your software offerings. (I have been looking for a feasible (freesible), private, and secure way to implement such resources in my website. Also, I sincerely hope that Mozilla will partner with BlackBerry to do more big things.

I utilize Bluehost, Concrete CMS, osTicket, Elkarte, Church CMS, and PrestaShop. I am also playing around with Gibbon and RosarioSIS (and trying to survey) to see what will best suit our tutoring, training, and growing plans for academic development.

Earn ‘n Save ( is a Points To Ponder website. We are working towards a well-rounded approach to re-establishing our community services. A lot of development is yet underway as the website has been overhauled a few times due to buggy updates that taught the hard lesson about the importance of backups and another lesson about development documentation when a backup did not restore it. As we try to help people to live more charitable, God-honoring, effective, efficient, informed, and resourceful lives from business to society to socializing to recreation to academia to health to procreation to philanthropy, we aim to tell others about Mozilla, BlackBerry, Apple, Linux, Microsoft, GitHub, and so on. We aim to help connect the dots for small businesses to establish, to streamline, to network, to market, and to make our marketplace more of a success than a struggle in ways that don’t require choosing between beliefs and business (i.e., one’s way of life and how one makes a living).

Thanks for my soapbox moment. I hope that my suggestion/request et al brightened your day! Thanks.