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<input type="datetime-local"> format should be based on preferred page language or system locale

Making moves

Currently Firefox has two language settings. One for the Firefox app/UI language and one for the preferred language of page content.

The <input type="datetime-local"> element shows a localized input field for entering dates/times. However, the format chosen is based on the setting for the Firefox UI language. So, in my case being european but using English as the Firefox language I get US-formatted date controls, and not the date formatting I'm used to.

Basing the date formatting in these inputs on either the set system locale for date/time format (best) or the setting for preferred page content language (better) would in my mind make more sense and fix these issues for dual-language users like me who prefer English as a UI language but still view local sites in our own language and prefer date formatting based on where we live.


Making moves

IMHO, both are wrong. The format should not be linked to a language. At best, it can be used to suggest the default format. The user should be able to override the default at all times.

Making moves

When I change the language to NL next time I open Thunderbird it's back to EN.