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latest firefox slow

Making moves



latest firefox on mac are slower.  they  are slow loading page and startup. memory isn't friendly. Compare to Safari and Chrome. The firefox load page slower. Tested on Mac Studio M1 Pro 32GB ram


firefox is kind a laggy. Firefox need to make fast to load the site... rederding Speedometer score aren't good it score lower than Chrome and Safari on macOS. they need to improve the speed and loading time and memory usage otherwise Firefox will keep lossing marketshare.


Making moves

I agree w this. Firefox is getting to point of being unusable on my mac.  Chrome is so much faster.  Additionally, pdf's take forever to download now as do webpages.

Making moves

Absolutely agreed. My friend wanted to review the performance of our website but encounter a strange error. The loading speed of my website was completely fine in Chrome and Safari, even in mobile versions. However, it lagged for a minute to open on Firefox. I don't know the reason why this is happening, but it is frustrating. 

Can any moderator or support member help me in this regard.