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Keyboard Mapping issue w/116.0.1

Making moves

V 115.0.3 worked fine. Now the keyboard mapping is scrambled with v 116.0.1

I’m having to cut-n-paste this from Word.

The issue is only with the Firefox app. I’ve checked all Firefox settings. Logged in and out of Firefox, rebooted my desktop. My system software (WIN10) is up-to-date.

Suggestions from whoever has had this issue are welcome.


Making moves


i've experienced this issue after 116.0 release and keyboard not worked properly in firefox. The other apps with keyboard use in OS working as expected.

I just downgraded firefox with offline installer to 115.0 build ESR. Can't find any related solution btw.

Hope this helps to address the issue.


Firefox 116.0.2 was released today to resolve the conflict with the ZoneAlarm Anti-Keylogger feature:

When you get a chance, could you test and confirm that you can use the Anti-Keylogger feature again with the updated release of Firefox?


I upgraded to Firefox 116.0.2 and everything works as meant to be.

Many thanks..

Making moves

Having this problem for last few weeks only, and only in Firefox. Have Firefox 1190.1.  So frustrating!  What is the solution?