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Making moves

This new version is garbage been using Mozilla forever but you totally ruined my daily process by redoing or whoever you want to call it my search bar and quick picks in the bar that used to be and pocket is garbage to me don't need it don't want it you may force me to another browser except this was the only decent one Firefox and looks like you update to Thunderbird flew south also Wake up don't pull Microsoft tricks on me and perhaps millions of other users Thank you for listening



Hi Leo, it's easy to hide Pocket recommendations if you don't want them. Check out this article:

What is the change to the search bar and/or shortcuts that is causing a problem?

Making moves

I totally agree, been using Thunderbird for years now, and I too dont like the muck up with all the tool bars, and the spacing of the set out. And also, its so so delayed now.  My mail settings are set to show an email as Read after 1 second.  Since this new update it takes over 6 secs.  Ridiculous.  Please dont fix things if they arent BROKEN!  Is there a way we can revert to the previous version please?  😞