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Jumping After User Scrolls

Making moves

A suggestion:

When I am using any of the bulletin boards that I have joined, I find it very annoying for a newly loaded page to jump to the top after I have scrolled down to the place where I want to read. I suspect that this occurs when additional content, from other web sites (like ads in sidebars or between posts) arrive and are inserted in the page. It often happens not just once when a new page is loaded, but two or three or even more times.

I suggest that after the user has started to scroll or otherwise initiate a move to see a different part of the web page that all such jumping be disabled. I don't care how many times the page jumps to the top, I am NOT going to take even a single second to read an ad that I am not interested in.

I am using Windows 10 on a 10+ year old desktop computer.