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Is Firefox browser basically broken for anyone else too?

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It's freezing over any and everything. For a while every time the browser froze I had to restart my entire system. Cleaned out old stuff, cookies, cache, still happening. Won't even go to website unless I search for the website. It's insanely slow despite fast internet and 3.7 + over 12G of RAM to spare.



Want to make sure devs are aware. Part of what seems to be a problem is website recall upon the browser freezing then shutting down.


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Sholamit63: I started using Firefox for a couple of years. A few weeks ago, there was an update and it hasn't been working like it used to. It freezes. I have to shut down Firefox and restart it. But even when I do this, it will freeze several times each day. I use Windows 11.

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The same for me. Since Version 100.x - Firefox freezes very often, no idea what the trigger is. Never had this problem before version 100.x Using the same config as before. But this way it is not usable. Strange, that there are not more complaints about that...

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I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with this issue. This is happening to me across multiple devices, I've tried the same fixes as you @firefoxuser123 

I hope this gets seen and resolved.

your not alone

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Been using firefox for so long I can't remember. I was an original Netscape user even when Explorer came out.But as of the last few updates. It freezes all the time. I have to get out task manager to close it. And its sucking up soooo much memory. I've taken to using Edge and Opera. What ever you did you **bleep**ed the former best browser. Fix it!!


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After the update on 9 June, the firefox cannot display the information of my website properly anymore. It goes blank. Poor :'( Asked my whole team of developers, no one can do the debug. Other browsers work well on displaying those info. That's what I don't understand...

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I too have been having freezes for at least a couple of months now. I'm not sure which update was the culprit, but unless it gets fixed, I might have to move - however reluctantly - to Chrome. Horrible thought!

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Same to me. For the past several days it has been crushed multiple times. Thinking about moving to Chrome as well. Horrible work.