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iOS update 101.0

Making moves

With the update to 101.0 on iOS, there is a new thing I really need to stop!

I have set tabs that open every time I open Firefox, and it is different for the 2 devices., 8 on the iPhone, and 4 on the iPad. So I do not use sync.  Now, each time I open Firefox, a new tab opens. Yes, it opens to my set new tab. But I cannot find a way to stop it from happening. I had 15 new tabs open on the 2nd day after the update, because I had no idea it was opening a new tab.  
How do I turn this off?? Please make an easy way to turn this off in the future. 


Making moves

I see this IOS 101 as a device in my firefox synced devices but only when I look at them from the phone - not the desktop. Since an update to ios 15.5 the "send tabs to device" seems to only work from the desktop to the phone not the other way around. This is a problem to me. I have tried to dsign out of the ios 101 device but it just knocks me back to the sign in.