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After update, stop the ads.

Making moves

Is there a way to block the very annoying full-page ads after EVERY FireFox update?  Ugh. We get dozens of calls every time we update our staff's version FireFox. "Why is there now a Disney movie ad on my browser?" Avoid updating FireFox = avoid countless phone calls.


Community Manager
Community Manager

As far as how to potentially block full-page ads, that question is best for our Support site—where we direct our users for more immediate assistance with any technical or performance related issues. Hope this helps!

Making moves

Same question here.  I can't find a setting for to block full page Firefox "What's New" ads, and I assume there isn't one, but please correct that information if it's wrong.

Making moves

Who is this supposed to appeal to? Focus on your comparative advantage, freedom/privacy.

Firefox turned from where it begin, an usa based operation, as in the ads disney and the role taken for inhibiting yandex search.. mozilla is not means freedm after now. i turned to yandex browser..