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Improve Firefox View/History sync

Making moves

The main goal is to one day Mozilla replace Google's My Activity. In Chrome, browsing history is synced nearly instantly, which means I can pick up from my phone on my PC and vice-versa instantly.
Generally, I also accumulate a bunch of tabs on my phone to read on my PC.

These are 2 things that are currently unnecessarily complicated on Firefox. The synchronization functionality literally doesn't work, since as of right now, I have 80 tabs open on my phone, but Tabs From Other Devices in Firefox View is only showing 49. It doesn't work. And when it works, the interval between syncs is too long, forcing me to manually send pages between my devices, but also generated passwords if I generated on password on one device but need to log in on the other.
And please, add the Open All option to each device in Tabs From Other Devices.