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I dont like the changes in the new update.

Making moves

After the latest update 102.3.3 I am totally confused how to handle mails. All the mails are in conversation format and the latest mail sits at the bottom most and doesnt show up in unread mail for some reason. I am spending hours searching for new mails and folders..Please give an option to revert to the earlier version if we dont like the update.


Making moves

I had the same problem. I had many folders for various types of emails, such as RECEIPTS for paid on Internet . It downloaded old emails prior to 2021, nothing current. I want the old version back with my older folders intact. Nobody has explained how to retrieve.

Making moves

Yes - that's also my opinion. Every two days a new update - and everything get worse. Stop this nonsense!

Familiar face

 Have any of you actually files a support request?

This is a feedback forum designed to get quick ideas and feedback about changes.  Here I see three individuals, with at least two different problems.  Trying to do support for two different topics in one go is simply unworkable. Please raise a support request at the link above so someone can look at your individual issues with you.

I am assuming craigJ has issues from a new profile being created based on the exceedingly limited information posted. I wrote a bog post about that issue a couple of years ago. here

Adsaks is on about the change to default mail sorting to threaded, something that is fairly simple to change on a per folder basis.  View menu > sort by > unthreaded.

As for FredF, I have no idea what that issue is because it is a reply agreeing with two different issues.

Okay - This whole subfolder nonsense is annoying. I cannot find emails any more. I cannot make out where new emails arrived.

Sorry - I'm just a stupid German lawyer. But I don' t like the changes at all. And I will get another email client.

If something is working - why do you have to change to the worst?

I lost many important 2021 & 2022 emails. This new version SUCKS!!!! I want to know how to retrieve old sub-folders and emails and layout. I'm glad I didn't pay for this service. Looking for a GOOD replacement. Had Incredimail before, it was outstanding

And the Support is AWFUL!!!!!!

Not is it not awful,  it can be poor,  and you can not demand answers from volunteers that have no way of knowing what your problem is.  If your attitude is one of entitlement,  they may choose not to even interact with you.  You apparently lost some emails and you are here making a fuss about support.  Ok.  I will have a go.  Post the link to your unrequited support request!

MattAuSupport, see the forest in front of you.  All of the writers want to revert.  Address THAT. 

Actually, not my problem.  You address THAT.

You have apparently got some idea that I work for you and should be doing your bidding.  I do not. I work for a farmer growing wheat and sheep. I probably will until I finally retire.

I did take the time to read your "idea" 

What you want is an IMAP mail account and a server like Google that supports the Idle command,  then the server will push new mail in the inbox out to you as it arrives.  Like so many ideas,  the functionality already exists, just perhaps not with your chosen mail provider.

Some folk choose to use less capable mail servers,  that is their choice. 


Making moves

Updates to Thunderbird and Firefox get more and more horrible. Stop this subfolder nonsense in Thunderbird. And Firefox: Stop to implement all these nonsense plugins with each update like Ecosia,, etc. 

Making moves

# of unread msgs makes no sense anymore. Red badge used to increment when messages were actually in one's inbox. Now the number seems to appear before the messages are in the inbox, and the number shown (sometimes 99+) very rarely agrees with the number actually retrieved. Is this because I'm still using POP3 settings? Or a counter is counting spam never delivered to my inbox? Regardless, please change back the way it was: accurate and meaningful! 

It counts unread mail.  Spam is mail, so is trash.

But you can change is to new mail in settings or just turn it off.  My choice is obvious, I do not need the distraction of seeing 99+ in my icon all the time.  I have individual folders with more than 30,000 unread mails in them.