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issues with T-bird message filters

Making moves

I have two issues with filters that are perplexing.  A few days ago I added and edited  a number of filters and then ran the entire filter list against the inbox.   My entire inbox disappeared.   After a while I found the message's in  a subfolder.  After much hair pulling I found that the problem was in an edited filter - I had added a line  FROM   ends with  

I had inadvertently added a second line with the ends with condition blank   (or probably null)  and when the filter was run it hit every message.

THE SECOND ISSUE is related.  In order to track this down I ran the filter log - which in my case had many thousands of entries with the oldest first.   

Can you please fix the log so there is an option for most recent actions first.    Also the ability to  search on the log for particular text strings.   If easier, I would be happy with a way to export the log into an external file that I can manipulate.