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How to whitelist individual cookie@website (per container?)

Making moves

For example, let’s take the website

If you don’t want to have to log in everytime you restart the browser, you have to whitelist the entire website as follows


But you would only need to whitelist the following cookies to do so.



I found an add-on called “Cookie Quick Manager” which is a great way to consult your cookies on a per-site basis, is container aware, it’s great.

In that add-on there was a “protect cookie” function


Unfortunately, it would only only protect cookies from getting deleted by “Cookie Quick Manager” and not firefox’s “delete data when Firefox is closed” but that would have been a fantastically convenient way to handle this

I think what would make sense would be the ability to append cookie name and container names to the “delete data when Firefox is closed” exception list

So instead of just

You might be able to specify containername!cookiename@

With both the containername part and the cookiename part being optional limits to the whitelisting

Here is a mockup of what that might look like


If that were a feature, right now I would add the following cookies to that list, as example

I found these with Cookie Quick Manager, with some more trial and error it should be possible to ensure exactly which cookies are needed.

Cookies have a IsSecure flag and a IsSessionID flag but developpers do not respect the IsSessionID flag and put necessary login cookies without this flag

"github container"!logged_in@
"github container"!_device_id@
"github container"!user_session@
"github container"!githubcontnr!_gh_sess@
"github container"!__Host-user_session_same_site@

"google message container"!OSID@
"google message container"!__Secure-OSID@
"google message container"!pair_state_cookie@

"facebook container"!wd@
"facebook container"!dpr@
"facebook container"!datr@
"facebook container"!sb@
"facebook container"!c_user@
"facebook container"!xs@
"facebook container"!fr@

"reddit container"!reddit_session@
"reddit container"!token_v2@
"reddit container"!session_tracker@

"youtube container"!SID@
"youtube container"!__Secure-1PSID@
"youtube container"!__Secure-3PSID@
"youtube container"!HSID@
"youtube container"!SSID@
"youtube container"!APISID@
"youtube container"!SAPISID@
"youtube container"!__Secure-1PAPISID@
"youtube container"!__Secure-3PAPISID@

"gmail container"!OSID@
"gmail container"!__Secure-OSID@
"gmail container"!COMPASS@
"gmail container"!GMAIL_AT@

"chatgpt container"!__cf_bm@
"chatgpt container"!_cfuvid@
"chatgpt container"!__cf_bm@