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How can a person get good Firefox support?

Making moves

A support person has NOT been able to resolve a serious issue with Firefox since 3/1/2024! I have been told, I should go to, for Support and: “That is the best channel for reporting and troubleshooting such issues” but this is false. Since they cannot resolve the issue yet, at the end of the day of 3/7/2024, who can? There has been no further response since 2-6-2024. A company that produces software must also provide reasonable timely support that actually resolves issues. The one support person has not given complete information at times and enough to resolve my issue.

I need to find a browser for which good support is provided. I do a lot of research and need all of my Bookmarks and functionality back. Please provide a contact for support that will resolve my Bookmarks and functionality issue without further delay.

I have even donated some money to Mozilla!


Wayne Carpenter



Hi Wayne, I'm sorry to see that your thread at remains unresolved.

I'm not aware of a technical explanation for a valid .jsonlz4 backup file not to restore to a clean bookmarks database, especially in a clean profile. You can look for internal error messages in the Browser Console, which you can open using Ctrl+Shift+J (this is different from the developer tools for the current tab). Try checking for messages again immediately after trying the Restore again.