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Have used Firefox for over a decade BUT...

Making moves

NOT liking how Firefox shares my data with Google!!! Really avoid updating as my settings get changed! Please STOP SHARING without my permission with Google!!! I will be looking into other search Engines. STOP STOP STOP Sharing!!! Firefox Used to be a search engine I trusted. Not any more!!! Anyone else feel this way, please comment on thread!



What is getting shared with Google by your Firefox?

Firefox has never operated its own search engine. It has always let you choose your preferred search engine if you don't want to use the default, which historically has been mostly Google, briefly Yahoo in North America, and Baidu or Yandex in some locales.


Making moves

For at least 10 years I have been using DuckDuckGo for my exclusive search engine after reading about it's mandate (nothing stored/nothing shared).  It's set up as my default home page and default search engine.  I do use Google once every blue moon as it's AI creates different search results that DuckDuckGo does not seem to find occasionally.  But I totally agree with you, the less I share with Google the happier I am.