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Google blocked direct access to our site in Firefox

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Hi there,

We are a small company with a simple static website. Our website is just a single HTML file with some common js imports (google tag manager). Today, we decided to embed a Typeform as a contact form. Minutes later, when we access the page on Firefox or Chrome, we start to see an error that prevents access to our site, saying that the site has "malicious content" as reported by "Google Safe Browsing" (see screenshot).

I can understand that if google suspects our website is dangerous, remove us from their search results. I can even understand that Google prevent us to access our own site when accessing through Google Chrome. But I can not understand that Firefox allows a private company with strong interests in the web to randomly block access to a website to any of their users.

I don't use Chrome because I do not trust Google. But now, Firefox is forcing me to trust an arbitrary decision by Google that is blocking my business? What guarantees has given Google to Mozilla regarding this Safe Browsing? Apart of Google Tag Manager and Typeform that we already removed, we have no other 3rd party service. We do not have a backend nor any kind of interaction in our site. Is a single static HTML. But Google warns about phising, social engineering, 3rd party ads...

I really do not understand this product decison and how it aligns with Mozilla's pledge for a "healthy internet". The second principle in the Mozilla Manifest says "The internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible." but here they are allowing a private company to block access to websites when using Mozilla's own browser.

Maybe we made an error adding a contact form with Typeform instead of Google Forms (I guess that would not cause a problem to Google) but I am not complaining about the access to my site, I am complaining about Mozilla allowing a 3rd party company (Google) to block access to any website they decide.


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T mobile was charging me for 2 phones and 3 airtags when I was informed they blocked all devices under contract that had payments still (4)



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Meanwhile Google pushes software that is spyware under the guise of an OS.



How does built-in Phishing and Malware Protection work?

Security/Safe Browsing/V4 Implementation
Security/Safe Browsing
Since the release of

Updated the Safe Browsing protocol to version 4
A test View site in new window

Enter in Firefox address bar about:about
You will find, among others, about:url-classifier

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To those with issues you could use to validate your websites and when everything checks out maybe Google stops marking it as a malicious site.